Jun 11 2016


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San Francisco International Airport

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San Francisco International Airport

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Jun 12 2016


Jun 13 2016


Jun 14 2016


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San Francisco International Airport

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San Francisco International Airport

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My turn to depart.......I can't wait!


Jun 15 2016


Jun 16 2016

We went back to the apartment for a bit but Cailey wanted to get out and explore and find dessert. She had seen a gelato place on Champs de Elyse that she wanted to try. We decided to make the trek to find it. When we got there it was closed!😩 We ended up at Pizza Pino for dessert. It was surprisingly good and it added to our adventure!


Jun 17 2016

Woke up moving slower this morning. We need to rally because we are on Day 2 of our 3 day Paris Pass! We are trying to squeeze in as much as we can in these 3 days.
Our plan was D'Orsay, Louvre and Notre Dame! We headed out walking to D'Orsay at 9:30.

Our next stop was supposed to be Notre Dame. Along the way we found Saint Germain church. We decided to check it out.

We were headed to the Louvre but decided we needed to stop for my first gelato of the trip.

Our walk back was long and we were exhausted. We stopped for a little chocolate pick me up at a beautiful chocolatier. We forgot to take pics!😁 we got back at 9:30 and needed to call it a night! We All were Exhausted!!!!


Jun 18 2016

The chocolate factory was near the Montmartre area. We rode the Big Bus there. It took us quite a while to get there. Once there we were hungry. We stopped at a Brasserie near the Nord Train Station.

After lunch we started making our trek to the chocolate factory. Thank god for Siri and Apple maps! The chocolate museum was ok. The chocolate tasted good but the consensus was it wasn't worth the time.

We left wine tasting and wanted to climb the tower of Notre Dame. We walked forever to find the bus stop for BIG BUS. It was at the end of The Louvre. We finally found it and rode to Notre Dame. We made it to Notre Dame just in time to find out the Tower closed at 4:00 and it was 4:30.😣

We needed a break. We headed back to the apartment to drop off the wine we got from tasting and to take a break for a bit. We needed to decompress! After a while we set out with a plan to find dinner and then do the river cruise. We found a great area near our apartment called Rue Clare. We had a great dinner and then we got a variety of desserts. Bryce found Meringue! His new found love!!!!

Next up was to find the river cruise!

We were toast! We went back to the apartment and called it a night.


Jun 19 2016

I woke up early and decided to set out for a run while everybody continued to sleep. I felt a little guilty but this was our first day without a large agenda. I knew I could get away with being gone for a bit. I got lost on my run and my 5 mile run turned into 8.5 miles. I clocked 7.75 of it but I turned it off before I was actually done. It's not a bad place to get lost.

When I got back everybody was still asleep. They didn't even know I had gone. We had a leisurely morning in the apartment and made plans to go to Bastille and Bastille market. According to Siri it was a 2.8 mile walk to Bastille. We knew the market closed at 3, so we felt a bit rushed to get there. There was no time for stopping along the way. I found myself saying over and over, we'll take picture or check it out on our way back. Hahahahaha!!!!

Along the way back we found some great sites. Including a little area that looked like an Italian neighborhood.

We went back to the apartment......rested and recovered from our trek. Cailey, Mom & I had cucumbers, cheese, baguette, wine and chocolate. It was a delicious snack dinner. Bryce hadn't eaten anything so after a bit we set out to find him food.

Mom was getting tired so we walked back to the apartment. The kids wanted to see the twinkling lights on the Eiffel Tower again. At 10:30pm we headed to the tower. Once we got there I decided I was in Paris and needed to take advantage of fully enjoying the experience. I decided we should go to the top.

DAY 10

Jun 20 2016

We set out for the shopping area near the opera house. It was only a 1 1/2 mile walk from our apartment. We wanted to explore the department stores and the nicer neighborhood. The sights were beautiful. The church is a fully functioning church, holding mass daily!

We are exhausted today from our late night and early morning. Coffee was on the agenda! We found the best cappuccinos yet at cafe Au.

Cailey and I went to the grocery store and got cheese and snacks. I found a bottle of champagne at the grocery store for 2.50 Euro. We got pizza from a little cafe and we went back to the apartment to relax and get out of the rain.
We immediately snacked! Afterwards we laid down and took a nap. I woke up extremely groggy! We ended up laying around the apartment and swatches the rain come down. It became an afternoon and evening in!

We ended up laying around all evening. We ate bread and cheese, pizza, and chocolate and read and watched movies on iPads. We made a plan for tomorrow and hit the hay at 10:00.

I woke up before the alarm went off and I got up at 5:40. I woke up Cailey and got ready for a run. Cailey and I set out about 6:00. She ran 2.5 miles and I ran 5.6 miles. I'm sore!

DAY 11

Jun 21 2016

We decided that since we had such a long walk that we could hit Luxemborg Gardens on our way back. The gardens were beautiful.

We quickly got ready and started walking to the Catacombs. It was 2.5 miles away. We read that the line starts at 8:00 even though it opens at 10:00. They only let 200 people in at a time so if you're not in the first group you wait even longer. Our walk was fast paced but we got here by 9:00 and we are about 60 in line.

We left Catacombs on a mad hunt for food! We were all hungry! We walked up and down the streets until we found something that was reasonably priced and looked halfway decent. Almost every restaurant has the exact same menu. Just different prices and different ways they make the food.

We were ready for a rest after our tour. We set back to the apartment. Once there we ended up staying for the rest of the night. We were tired and our plans to go to Giverny in the morning were going to make for an early day.

We met our Guide Colin Citiguide at the horse. Charlemagne et ses Levdes. He took us on a very detailed tour of Notre Dame. It gave me such a better sense in the time and an appreciation for the building. It is amazing!

We had read that there was a Discover Walks walking tour of Notre Dame at 3:00. We were right across the river from Notre Dame and decided to wait until 3:00 for the tour. We sat in the gardens behind Notre Dame and people watched and listened to a band playing music. It was a perfect time to take a breath and relax a bit.

It was time for our favorite Ice cream. It was on il St. Louis island behind Notre Dame. It is the famous Berthillion ice cream. We found a spot that was on a side street that served the same ice cream at a lower price.

DAY 12

Jun 22 2016

We got up early and had to be out the door by 7 to walk to the train for Giverny. It was 1 1/2 miles to the train station. Along the way we attempted to find coffee. We stopped at at Brasserie and asked if they had take away. He said yes and proceeded to make our cappuccinos in plastic water cups. It was disgusting.

Because of our bathroom delay we missed the bus. We ended up getting a taxi and realized it was the exact same cost. Giverny is 4 miles away from Vernon.
We made it to Giverny and got in line to your the beautiful gardens and house.

We made it to Vernon the train station closest to Giverny. Mom needed to use the restroom and went into one of the automatic bathrooms. A couple minutes later we heard banging and panic she couldn't open the door. We tried to help after laughing hysterically. The door wouldn't open. She was hollering, Get Help! She was sure she was going to get sanitized. I went to get help and while I was trying to find someone the door opened. We laughed so hard!

We still had time before the next bus back to Vernon. We were waiting and then realized we should just take a taxi again. It was cheaper to take the taxi on our way back.

After the tour we walked through the adorable village. We went into the stores and we looked for a good lunch spot. We were all hungry and we were trying to decide whether we should go back to Vernon to have lunch or stay in Giverny. Our train back to Paris left at 2:50. We had 3 hours. We ended up finding the cutest place with the best setting. The food was really good as well.

It was really hot and humid. The gang was sweaty and really cranky. We went back to the apartment to rest and change before heading to dinner.
We ended up going to cafe Bosquet near the Eiffel Tour.

It is so incredibly hot today. Over 90 and humid. We were melting! One of our plans for the day was to shop. While I was researching linen stores I read about a shopping mall under the Louvre. Called Carrousel de Louvre. I suggested we head there because it would be cool underground. We made our way in the heat.

We started making our way back but decided it would be best to get dinner before we went to the apartment. We walked for miles trying to find a place to eat and ended up at cafe de Officiers which was behind the Invalides. We are inside because of the smoke and we were melting. The food was delicious though.

I had taken a Tylenol before I left the house because my stomach cramps were so intense. By the time we finished dinner it had worn off. I was becoming more miserable by the minute. We headed back to the apartment for the night but we made our nightly stop at the grocery store for fruit, jam, and chocolate!

It was a rough night for me. The tummy issue got worse and I was going to the bathroom every couple hours throughout the night. Cece Commander texted me at 6:30am that they were in France and coming into town today to sight see. Did we want to meet for lunch? I thought it would be really fun to connect with them in Paris.
One thing on moms agenda was finding table cloths. We had searched for them every time we went through the area near the opera house but we were unable to locate the store. I did some internet research and found the store and the address. Our plans were to meet the Commanders around 11:30 near the Eiffel Tower. This gave us about an hour and a half. I knew we couldn't walk to the linen store and be back do we took the metro. It worked out really well! We got to the address and the store wasn't there. I went into H&M and asked the security guard where the address was and he told us the store we were looking for was out of business. Mom was disappointed but satisfied that we gave it one last shot. We still had some time so we went into the most beautiful Apple Store you can imagine. I needed help with my watch syncing to my phone and they were able to help me. Afterwards, We headed back to the metro to get to the Eiffel Tour. We were late meeting the Commanders and I hadn't heard from her. I was thinking they didn't have cell reception and went on. We were ready for lunch and started searching for s good lunch spot. Just as we were sitting down Cece called and they had just arrived. I went to get them and bring them to the restaurant. We had a great visit!

DAY 14

Jun 24 2016

OUR LAST DAY!!!!😩 Our plan was to souvenir shop but we added in visiting the Pantheon. I'm so glad we did it was beautiful. We headed there first. It was a 2.5 mile walk.

We were ready for lunch after the Pantheon. We went to a crepe place. I thought because it was our last day there we needed to have crepes for on last meal. They were ok, but not that satisfying.
We needed to do some serious shopping. Our last day and lots of things to buy.
It became exhausting as we visited every souvenir store from the Pantheon to the Louvre. When we got to Notre Dame, the consensus was everybody had low blood sugar and needed ice cream. We got ice cream at our favorite place and sat on the edge of the river. I was still not feeling well so I went to the store to get lemonade to add to my water. I somehow happened to drop the top of the lemonade over the edge and I thought it went into the river. It didn't..... Bryce saved the day and went to get it.

We headed out to finish shopping. We stopped at the bell tower to take a break and check it out.

Grandma was tired and anticipating packing up. We made our way to the apartment. Along the way we stopped for macaroons to bring back, nectarines, and chocolate.

We walked through the grounds of the Louvre and ended up purchasing almost all of our souvenirs from the street vendors. We got some great deals. The only thing we hadn't gotten was a sweatshirt for Bryce, but it was time to head to dinner. We saw a place the night before called Tourville that we wanted to try. It ended up being extremely expensive. We all got the same thing......avocado toast.

DAY 15

Jun 25 2016
Help! I'm locked inside and can't open the door. It's not funny and I hope the sanitizer doesn't come on.
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